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Material: wood + super soft fiber Mao Gong charge to mass
Functions: clean nose black blain blain Clean nose excess oil Long-term use of modified nasal type gauge
Size: 14 cm length, wool length: 1.2 cm for adult crowd
Baby is introduced
Is made of super soft superfine fiber hair, really easily remove dirt. Good elastic resilience, super soft touch, after high temperature sterilization, hair is exquisite, the pad, solid, short, neat, can detailed for nose nose pore smudgy, also your clean and delicate face!
Do you know how to use the nose brush?
The first step:
After full face wash, brush with nose touched take a moderate amount of facial cleaning products.
The second step:
For acne, acne, local clean massage in circle way.
Step 3:
Rinse with water after cleaning.
Do you know why nose more difficult to clean?
Grease is secreted exuberant
Nose is the most vigorous part in facial oil glands, so are more likely to long blain blain, and black, etc.
Delicate skin infection more easily
Nose flank of sensitive skin than other parts of the face more exquisite, more likely to be infected with bacteria.
Line is uneven is difficult to clean

Nose for facial highlight parts, when washing a face, difficult to clean, easy to long-term storage dirt.

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Makeup Brush

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Wool Fiber

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